About our e-Catalog:

A new catalog is issued every 45 days (5-6 per year) containing & the corresponding seasonal species of each season. It is sent to all our active clients via courier. On our site, of course, you are a speed above our other partners as the new arrivals arrive 1-2 days after their arrival. If you are not already a subscriber of the online newsletter about new products, please do so today by sending us your e-mail. You can also ask us to be sent by post.
The catalog contains all available items, ready to be delivered to our warehouse at the date of issue. Since its release, some codes may be exhausted due to demand. In this case, you can get notified by phone when the desired codes are coming back. Our catalog can be downloaded quickly to your computer.
It is a great effort for our catalog to have all the necessary information you need to be able to form a view of our products. On this logic, all your highlights are more than welcome.